HCI Fitness PhysioStep Recumbent Elliptical with Swivel Seat

PhysioStep MDX Seated Elliptical Trainer

HCI Fitness PhysioStep Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer

HCI Fitness PhysioStep Recumbent Elliptical with Swivel Seat

The PhysioStep MDX recumbent elliptical cross trainer, the latest addition to the innovative PhysioStep seated ellipticals from HCI Fitness comes with user-friendly attractive features. This seated elliptical trainer is designed for both the physically fit as well as the physically challenged users or those undergoing rehabilitation.

So what are its main user-friendly and attractive features that will benefit its users? What are the benefits of a seated elliptical trainer?

Large 20″ Swivel Seat

A very attractive feature of the PhysioStep MDX is its large, oversized comfortable 20-inch swivel seat which comes with non-slip surface and can be adjusted easily. The ability to rotate the seat 90 degrees makes this recumbent exercise machine very easy for even people with low mobility to get on and off. The seat, contoured seat back and arms are all fully adjustable to your most comfortable position. Quick release lever makes this so easy. There is a choice of 15 different positions, each giving good back support. A seat with a good lumbar support is important so as not to aggravate back pain.

Axis hand rails as well as arm handles with multi-position and ergo-grip design makes for a snug fit, thus longer workouts is a comfortable option. Working out your arm and core muscles is just as important as your leg muscles.

You can choose between pedaling forward or backwards to benefit different sets of muscles. It comes with a seated elliptical stride length of 12 inches.

Large LCD Display

PhysioStep Large LCD Monitor

Large LCD Display

Oversized large, high-resolution backlit blue LCD display giving instant feedback makes checking your progress easy. Information such as your speed, time, distance, pulse, total strides, watts, calories and heart rate is shown in a clear and easy to read format. Extremely user-friendly color coded buttons are added to make it easy for those with less than perfect eyesight. Your steady progress can certainly motivates you to more challenging workouts.

12 Elliptical Workouts

With a stable and stress free recumbent sitting position, and with 12 challenging programs to play around with, getting motivated for your next round of elliptical exercise does not need much effort, don’t you think so? You can be sure that you are getting your quota of balance, strength, flexibility and cardio exercises that are so essential for good health. All these easy to follow exercises are done while remaining seated and comfortable. There’s just no excuse not to do your daily workout.

Heart Rate Monitor

Measuring your heart beat and train at your maximum heart rate zone to boost fat burning and raise your endurance level. Built-in Polar Compatible Wireless Heart Rate Receiver (chest strap not included) makes training at your target zone for maximum fat burning easier to achieve. With a wireless chest strap, there is no need to stop half way through your exercise to check your heart beat.

 16 Resistance Levels

Commercial Quality Computer ECB Resistance with its 16 resistance levels add to the challenge, be it manual, rolling hills, peak, plateau, mountain climb, hill interval, strength interval, fat burn HRC, cardio HRC or your own custom programs. Raising the resistance level will result in more calories burned as well as targeting different set of muscles. However, always ensure that your movements remain smooth and fluid whatever your resistance level.

 Anti-slip Foot Pedals

PhysioStep MDX Oversized Foot Pedals

Oversized Foot Pedals

Large foot pedals with sure-grip diamond plate texture and optional velcro straps ensures a comfortable foot positioning with secure and stable grip. There is no danger of your foot slipping and injuring your ankle. Large foot pedals ensure that there is more space for a comfortable foot position and movements during training. This will minimize or cross out heel as well as joints stress and fatigue.

Max User weight

Maximum user weight of 350 pounds/160 kg caters to most users. There were feedback from users who were slightly above 350 pounds when they first started and experiencing no problem whatsoever. Of course, their weight went down as their training progress.

AC Power

The seated PhysioStep MDX comes with AC Power (110V) feature allowing lower resistance levels and startup to assist de-conditioned users. This is a new feature not found in the older model PhysioStep RXT which is self-powered and does not need to be plugged in. The machine will automatically shut-off after a lapse of 15 minutes of inactivity.

Cool Features

Low clearance walk-through design adds to its user-friendly feature catering to all types of users, whether old or young.

Water bottle holder included for your convenience.

Back wheels allow for easier transportation to another part of the room or when you need to clean around the area.

Quick Keys

Featuring Quick Keys for Heart Rate, Profiles, Quick Start and Recovery

Full commercial Warranty

Frame: Lifetime
Mechanical Parts: 3 Years
Electronic Parts: 3 Years
Labor: 1 Year

Product Dimensions: 48 (60″ at full extension) x 31.9 x 44.1 inches; 209.4 pounds. So make sure you have the exercise space to put your machine.


  • Commercial-grade quality; well built
  • Quiet and smooth elliptical motion
  • Large 20″ swiveling seat
  • Oversized high resolution backlit LCD display for easy reading
  • Multi‐position ergo grip arm handles


  • Wireless chest strap not included

Exercise Wear

Remember to wear exercise clothes that breath well, in other words, exercise wear which can absorb moisture well and let you stay cool and comfortable.

Comparison Between HCI Fitness Seated Elliptical Trainers – 3 models MDX, LTD And RXT

  • The PhysioStep MdX is the only one with a swivel seat whereas the recumbent seating is fixed for the LTD and RXT.
  • RXT model is self-powered with no plug-in necessary but LTD and MDX models need a plug point as they are AC powered.
  • MDX and RXT come with arms located at side of unit, offering multi-position ergo-grip handles, giving your arms, core and side a thorough workout. Ergonomic, fully adjustable handles of LTD are located in the front, and work in ascending motion, concentrating on toning your arms and core.
  • All 3 models come with high resolution display panel but color coded buttons for display on the MDX and RTX only.
  • MDX and RXT are for full commercial and home use whereas LTD is designed for light commercial and home use.

‘Green’ manufacturer

When you buy HCI Fitness Physiostep elliptical trainer series , you will also be doing your part in reducing the carbon footprint. HCI Fitness do not use styrofoam and bubble wrap in their packaging and have team up with Carbonfund.org regarding reforestation and energy efficiency research.

Here is a video by HCI Fitness on the Physiostep recumbent cross trainer

Whether you are buying this seated recumbent elliptical cross trainer for home use to get fit, or as a physical rehabilitation machine, you will get an effective total body workout from this seated trainer. Compared to more expensive models such as Nustep, the PhysioStep MDX with the same quality features, is much more affordable.

For those undergoing physical therapy, you can slowly build your strength, resistance and regain back your good health and well being by doing low impact exercises on the HCI Fitness Physiostep recumbent cross trainer. Read more about using the elliptical trainer for rehabilitation purposes here.

Exercising in a recumbent position is best for certain group of users. An exercise machine that is easy on your back and knees, the high quality PhysioStep seated exercise trainer with commercial rehabilitation settings comes highly recommended if you are looking for a seated elliptical trainer that greatly reduces strain on your joints and gives good lumbar support to your spine and back.