Benefits Of Seated Elliptical Trainer

Seated Elliptical Trainers

Recumbent elliptical cross trainer or the seated elliptical machine makes it easy to train for those who have difficulty exercising in a standing position. Compared to a traditional standing elliptical trainer, you are able to sit down comfortably to do your workouts.

Cardiovascular fitness is important whether you are physically fit or you have physical disabilities or even suffering from chronic conditions.

There are not many exercise machines in the market catering to their fitness needs. The seated elliptical trainer such as the PhysioStep MDX recumbent elliptical machine is one such machine that is designed with the physically fit as well as the physically challenged users in mind. Cardio exercise benefits your heart and lungs.

Famous brands of the seated elliptical trainers include HCI Fitness with their PhysioStep series cross trainers, Xride series from OctaneFitness, Nustep and you have the cheaper models provided by Schwinn, Confidence Fitness and Body Rider etc.

Seated Elliptical Trainer Benefits

Schwinn 520 Recumbent Elliptical TrainerExercising in a seated or recumbent position is especially useful to those suffering from back problems.

For those who need to strengthen leg muscles so as to be able to stand and balance well, the seated recumbent elliptical trainer fits the bill nicely.

You are able to work out in a comfortable seated position with minimum stress on the back and knees.

Those undergoing therapy at hospitals or health clubs might find buying this seated exercise machine and working out from home more convenient. It is also good for those with certain health conditions that need to exercise in a supported and seated position.

Senior citizens would benefit from exercising in a seated position. This puts less strain on their weaker joints. Seniors who do moderately intense aerobic workouts are said to lower their risk of hip fractures.

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Low-impact cardio exercise such as elliptical exercise, which does not jar the spine, helps in healing back pain.

When you tone and strengthen your core and upper body muscles, you have a better posture and body alignment, plus a better balance. This lowers the risk of falling especially for seniors.

Having one of these machines at home benefits the whole family.

Here is a video showing the Octane Fitness Xride trainer series seated elliptical trainers

The seated recumbent elliptical trainer with its moving handlebars, is a great home exercise machine offering excellent total body, low impact cardio workouts and benefits a wide range of users of different fitness level and mobility.