Benefits Of Seated Elliptical Trainers

Benefits Of Seated Elliptical TrainersRecumbent elliptical cross trainer or the seated elliptical machine makes it easy to train for those who have difficulty exercising in a standing position. Compared to a traditional standing elliptical trainer, you are able to sit down comfortably to do your workouts. Let’s check out some of the benefits of seated elliptical trainers.

Cardiovascular fitness is important whether you are physically fit or you have physical disabilities or even suffering from chronic conditions. Cardio exercise benefits your heart and lungs.

Recumbent elliptical trainers come with seat and some models come with seat back too. Getting the machine with seat back means additional back support. This feature is important if you are recovering from injuries or a senior with chronic lower back pain.

There are not many exercise machines in the market catering to their fitness needs. The seated elliptical trainers such as the PhysioStep MDX, Nustep recumbent elliptical machine are machines that are designed with the physically fit as well as the physically challenged users in mind.

For example, the NuStep T4r recumbent elliptical cross trainer comes with a 360 degree swivel seat with armrests which tilt to allow the user to transfer safely from a wheelchair.

Famous brands of the seated elliptical trainers include HCI Fitness with their PhysioStep series cross trainers, Xride series from OctaneFitness, Nustep and you have the cheaper models provided by Schwinn, Confidence Fitness and Body Rider etc.

[alert-announce]Recumbent elliptical trainer is great for those undergoing therapy, have lower back problems, physically challenged or seniors who have difficulty exercising in a standing position[/alert-announce]

NuStep T4r Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer
NuStep T4r Recumbent Elliptical Cross Trainer

What Are The Benefits Of Seated Elliptical Trainers

  • Exercising in a secure seated or recumbent position is especially useful to those suffering from back problems.
  • For those who need to strengthen leg muscles so as to be able to stand and balance well, the seated recumbent elliptical trainer fits the bill nicely. This is especially true for older folks as stronger muscles lead to a better balance and minimize painful falls.
  • You are able
    work out in a comfortable seated position with minimum stress on the back and knees.
  • Those undergoing therapy at hospitals or health clubs might find buying this seated exercise machine and working out from home more convenient. It certainly helps in recovery in between hospital visits.
  • It is also good for those with certain health conditions that need to exercise in a supported and seated position.
  • Senior citizens would benefit from exercising in a seated position. This puts less strain on their weaker joints. Seniors who do moderately intense aerobic workouts are said to lower their risk of hip fractures.
  • For those on wheelchairs, it is easy to get on and off the seated elliptical trainer from the wheelchair.

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Low-impact cardio exercise such as elliptical exercise, which does not jar the spine, helps in healing back pain.

When you tone and strengthen your core and upper body muscles, you have a better posture and body alignment, plus a better balance. This lowers the risk of falling especially for seniors.


  • Adjustable seat and seat back for most comfortable position
  • Give your muscles a workout without hurting your back
  • Great for those recovering from injuries and seniors with knee problems
  • Seniors exercising in a seated position minimize the risk of falling while doing workouts
  • A great exercise option for those who have difficulty walking


  • Improper adjustment of seat height can result in muscle strain and back injuries
  • Not compact in size

[alert-announce]The recumbent elliptical trainer offers a feasible exercise modality for those with cerebral palsy. You can read about it here[/alert-announce]

Is a recumbent elliptical trainer different from a recumbent bike or stepper?

A recumbent elliptical trainer is different from a recumbent bike or a recumbent stepper in the way you pedal.

Recumbent bike – You pedal in a circular motion.

Recumbent stepper – You push the pedals back and forward

Recumbent elliptical trainer – You pedal forward and backward in a longer ellipse path. The longer pedal motion engages more muscles and gives a more thorough glute workout. You push and pull the handlebars for upper body exercise. You burn more calories.


Comfort should be an important consideration when buying the seated exercise machine especially for those with injuries.