Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef Review

Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef ReviewRated ‘Best Buy’ for 8 consecutive years including ‘2017 Best Buy’ by a leading consumer magazine, this top rated Diamondback Fitness 1260ef elliptical trainer has much to offer in terms of workout programs and value for money.

The 1260ef home elliptical comes with 15 programs including heart rate workouts, 20 resistance levels, 10 adjustable power incline positions and a fixed 19″ stride.

Moving handlebars allow for a total body low impact workout on the arms as well as the legs.

Built-in warm up and cool down modes minimizes potential for injury to muscles.

How do these features benefit you and your desire for low impact training with minimal impact on knees and joints?

Does it qualify to be your best home elliptical machine?

1260Ef Elliptical Trainer
Diamondback 1260Ef Elliptical Trainer

The Diamondback Fitness 1260ef elliptical trainer


  • Adjustable power incline – this feature enables you to change the angle of your elliptical motion or path thus working out different set of lower muscle groups. You get a more challenging workout
  • Heart rate programs included – automatically adjust training (resistance and intensity) to your fitness level
  • Polar compatible heart rate receiver available – more accurate than the hand-grip sensors which are also included.
  • Strong durable welded heavy gauge steel construction with anti rust powder coating
  • Soft polymer rollers ensure smooth quiet movements – read a book or watch a movie without being disturbed by squeaking noises
  • Heavy (machine weighs 245 pounds) and stable
  • Forward and reverse elliptical path


  • Position of magazine rack results in blockage of certain parts of the display and controls
  • Fixed stride length of 19″ – For a fixed stride of 19″, your height ought to be at least 5′ 4″ to benefit most from the elliptical path as well as the moving handlebars for upper body workout
  • No built-in fan
  • No mp3 plugin, connectivity to smartphone or wifi

1260 EF Key Features

15 Preset Programs

These 15 preset programs include 5 classic elliptical programs, 5 heart rate based programs, 3 cross training programs (glute burner, quad builder and total trainer) and 2 custom workouts.

With weight loss workouts, hill climbing, interval training, cross training and advanced heart rate interactive cardio exercise programs, you do get a wide choice of workouts to stay motivated. Add in the 20 resistance levels to raise or lower intensity and your different muscle groups end up stronger.

Give your heart a healthy boost with the 5 heart rate interactive programs which include target heart rate, heart rate interval, fat burner, heart rate hill, and cardio.

The machine also comes with built-in warm-up and cool-down modes.

20 Resistance Levels

Resistance training besides giving your cardiovascular system a great workout, also develop your muscle groups and your overall strength.

Electronic Power Incline – 10 Levels

With power incline, the resistance can be easily and conveniently changed while still working out. You have a choice of 10 levels rangingĀ  from 7 – 28 degrees to raise or lower the intensity of your workout.

You can also manually adjust the incline by pressing the incline button, “+” to increase and “-” to decrease.

With the power incline, you can emulate stepping at the lowest level and uphill jogging at the highest level. Raise the power incline for a more challenging workout.

[alert-announce]Handlebars are labelled L and R for easy installing[/alert-announce]

LED Console

1260Ef Elliptical Trainer LED Console
LED Console

Easy to read and use, it comes with green LED dot matrix profile and alphanumeric display.

Check your speed, intensity level, pulse rate, incline and distance traveled to keep track of your progress.

Profile display includes intensity profile, incline profile and heart rate profile.

Heart rate graph display for easy monitoring.

Heart Rate Monitor

Measure your heart rate by gripping the heart rate sensors on the stationary Krayton rubber comfort handle grips or using the heart chest strap to send signals to the heart rate receiver on the console.

Although Polar compatible, chest strap is not included. You’ll have to buy separately the Polar T31 or T34 (non-coded).

With the chest strap, you free your hands to hold onto the moving handlebars for upper body workout.

Cushioned Foot Pads

Extra wide EVA foam cushion foot pads allow for a more comfortable grip

Maximum User Weight

325 pounds


69.5″ long (maximum operative length is about 78″)

27.5″ wide (at its widest point)

65″ in height


Frame : Limited lifetime

Brake : Limited lifetime

Parts and electronics : 3 years

Labor : 1 year

Wear Items : 90 days

Useful Features

  • Built-in reading rack
  • Bottle holder


[alert-announce]Ceiling must be at least 10″ above your head for a proper workout[/alert-announce]


With sealed bearings, welded heavy gauge steel frame and high impact ABS plastic side cases, this home elliptical trainer is durable and built to last.

The Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef Elliptical Trainer really is in a class all by itself. The various programs and elliptical workouts will add diversity to your workout and for a lot of people is a big deal.

With 20 resistance levels to work with, you can have a smooth gradual transition from one level to the next, and not some abrupt change as in those with much less resistance levels.

The adjustable incline allows for more challenging workout options.

Soft viscosity permanently lubricated polymer rollers on a solid metal track ensure a smooth and quiet drive system.

The front drive elliptical trainer allows for closer spacing between pedals. Pedals are about 2.5″ apart when at the same level. This means a more comfortable workout especially for individuals below average height.

The warranty is an important point to consider when buying your elliptical machine. The warranty for Diamondback Fitness 1260ef is certainly attractive with limited lifetime for frame and brake. You also get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Although compact in size (69.5″ long), it is not easy to move it around (Wheels are only on front part). It is best to leave it in one spot instead of moving it every time you want to do your workout.

Although it is a little pricey, it is very close to being like the machines you use at your local gym.